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 Performers, Entertainers and Shows

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Are you looking for exciting entertainment centered around an experience? Our performers and entertainers are wonderful at exciting your guests and inviting performance participation. Whether you are looking for a comedian, magician, vocalist, hypnotist, psychic or DJ, your guests will be amazed by how our team can transform any event. We also have the ability to equip your event with amusements, rides and game shows with amazing MCs – depending on the needs of your guests, customers and clients. Click a link below to learn more!

Amusements, Small Rides and Other Games


Casino and Video Racing

Crafts Galore

Disc Jockey – DJs

Fruit and Jingles

Giant Board Games

Ken Sprano – Games and Puzzles from Around the World – Brain Teasers

Ken Sprano – Mr. Money

Jim Spinnato – Hypnotist

Jim Spinnato’s Comedy, Magic and ESP Show

Joe Howard – Puppets, Magic and Balloons

Jon Stetson – Mentalist

Living Statues

Magic of David Oliver

Lyn Dillies – Magic of Lyn

Lyn Dillies – Vote the Magic


FUN Portable Mini Golf

Psychics and Tarot Card Readers

Rick Adam

Roving Magicians

Steve Morgenweck is the Street Geek

Steve Kradolfer

Paul Giroux – Game Show Mania and Survey Says

Mike Bent – ABRAkidABRA! – Magician

The Mystery Lounge

Boston’s BEST Entertainers and Performers are at FUN Enterprises!

We make it EASY! We make it ENTERTAINING! We make it FUN!