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Spin Art Shutter Shades, Spin Art Frisbees and MORE!

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Fun Enterprises specializes in interactive entertainment and it doesn’t get any better than this. We have spin-art programs that allow your guests to bring out their creative side. They choose the colors and begin designing. We flip the switch and let it spin! We have numerous products that your guests can decorate.

Spin Art Cards

True Spin Art FUN! Your guests can spin and decorate a 5 x 7 inch paper card that will be placed in a matted cover. These programs let guests be creative with color and design.

Cellphone Covers

These soft cellphone or smart phone covers can be creatively decorated in spin art fashion. This is a great program for freshman orientations, non-stress college weekends and private functions. Made of black polyester they measure


This spin art program is guaranteed to bring out everyone’s creativity. Just apply paint and spin for your own personally decorated Frisbee. Not only do they look great but also they really fly!

Shutter Shades

Take spin art to the next level with our Spin Art Shutter Shades. Choose from a variety of colorful glasses to accent with spin art designs for a look that is truly yours.  College students LOVE this event!


If you want to have FUN with spin art, how about a spin art t-shirt? This different style of spin art allows your guests to design their own wearable art. These t-shirts are unique and guests go crazy making them. Think about it, do you know of anyone who has a spin art t-shirt? If you don’t, then you want this program – your guests deserve to be truly original!

Spin Art T-Shirts with Corporate Parties and FUN Enterprises spin art activities, FUN Enterprises, corporate functions Spin Art Cell Phone Covers with College Students and FUN Enterprises


Spin Art Programs for College and Corporate Events