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Cactus Pot

Get your hands dirty and do your part to make this planet a little bit greener with our cactus-decorating program. We bring the cactus, pots, markers and all of the planting supplies — you bring the creativity! This program is great for student activity events and corporate functions.

Ceramic Pot – Plant a Seed

This interactive program allows your guests to decorate a white pot with assorted craft supplies along with special ceramic markers. After the pot is decorated, we will provide the dirt as well as the seeds to get you started. You don’t even need a green thumb!

Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring Backpacks are a convenient and trendy way to carry simple belongings. How about having a uniquely designed drawstring backpack. This interactive program lets you decorate with fabric markers and assorted craft supplies. The end product is a fashionable, uniquely original backpack showcasing an amazing experience.


Decorating your own frame is one of our popular programs at FUN. We will provide a wooden frame that can be decorated with feathers, foam shapes, moving eyes and more. This is a great program to match with a photo program. Let your guests go home with a photo and a picture frame they created.


Having a mug to call your own is perfect when you create the design. We will bring white ceramic mugs and the paper for your artwork. Work your masterpiece and we will heat seal it to the mug. Perfect for college and corporate events.

Plants for Patients | Ceramics for Seniors

We’ll bring all the supplies you need to create beautifully decorated plants for patients and senior citizens. Your staff can decorate the pots and then transplant miniature greens which will brighten up any room. Perfect for corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects and team building. These plants can then be donated to local hospitals and/or senior centers.

Pumpkin Decorating

Decorating a pumpkin without all the mess is a perfect program for the Fall Season. From September to November, your guest will enjoy decorating their own pumpkins with markers and a wide selection of craft products. Bringing home a decorated pumpkin during the fall season always makes for a memorable event.

Shell Decorating

This is a great activity, especially if it is beach or summer themed. FUN Enterprises will bring all the supplies to make this program amazing.  Large white shells are decorated with an array of products from watercolor paints to assorted craft supplies. This program is like a day at the beach.

Water Bottles

What a perfect activity for a sports themed event! Your guest can create their own design with markers, crayons and foam shapes. We then photograph the design and heat seal it to the water bottle. A great interactive activity that adults and children LOVE!

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Decorate Your Own Programs for College and Corporate Event Entertainment