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FUN Enterprises’ airbrush artists will create a true keepsake for you with our unique products. Our trained artists can personalize a wide variety of products with a design, your name or your caricature. We can personalize the item with your name as well as your favorite color. What an exciting piece of art to show your family and friends. Along with our products, we offer airbrush tattoos. With a vast selection of tattoo designs, our artists can make your look like you have “the real thing”. These activities allow your guests to take home “a gift to remember”.

Our best and most popular programs are:

FUN Airbrushed Trucker Hats
FUN Airbrushed T-Shirts
FUN Airbrushed Drawstring Backpacks
FUN Airbrushed Pennants
FUN Airbrushed Winter Hats

We offer more than 24 different programs that you can customize for your event or function. If you don’t see a product here, we love suggestions and new ideas. We actually airbrushed small guitars for a client’s function. The request was made to match the themed event. If it has a big enough surface area, we can probably airbrush it!

FUN Airbrushed– Airbrush Extravaganza
FUN Airbrushed Aprons
FUN Airbrushed Beach Towels
FUN Airbrushed Blankets
FUN Airbrush Artists – Caricature
FUN Airbrushed Drawstring Backpacks
FUN Airbrushed Flat Brim Hats
FUN Airbrushed Foam Fingers
FUN Airbrushed Laundry Bags
FUN Airbrushed Pennants
FUN Airbrushed Pillows
FUN Airbrushed Pillowcases
FUN Airbrushed Rally Towels
FUN Airbrush Artists – Scarves
FUN Airbrush Artists – Soft Cell Phone Covers
FUN Airbrush Artists – Sweatshirts
FUN Airbrush Artists – Tablet Cases
FUN Airbrush Artists – T-Shirts
FUN Airbrush Artists – Tattoos
FUN Airbrush Artists – Tote Bags
FUN Airbrush Artists – Trucker Hats

Also, check out some of our newest airbrushed programs:

FUN Airbrushed Flippy Flyers

No matter what program you choose, your guests will LOVE you!

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Event Entertainment Ideas for Colleges Activities and Corporations.

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