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When was the last time you had an artistic portrait of yourself done? There is nothing better than arriving at an event and having a caricature artist draw your picture. It gives you a wonderful reminder of the event as well as an exaggerated picture of yourself, which will always make you smile and giggle. Our FUN caricature artists will make your guests laugh and leave them with a lasting impression, or should we say, lasting image, of themselves to put in their home, their dorm room or their office. The next time you are looking to create a memorable experience for your guests, think caricature artists…think FUN!

We also offer airbrushed caricatures as well as caricature passports and digital caricatures.

Call today to book a caricature artist for your next event! 781-436-3187 or visit our store.

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Boston’s Best Caricature Artists! We make it easy! We make it FUN!

Fun Enterprises is based in the Boston area and travels extensively throughout New England as well as nationally for many of their colleges, corporations and private events.