Planning a Corporate Event? Keep it Mini!

What are some FUN ideas when getting ready to plan your next corporate event or function?

Looking at event trends for 2014 everything is mini. From mini tastes to mini activities, people are enjoying the feeling of trying a little bit of everything. What are we talking about? Small portions of food and entertainment!

1. Mini Meals – Take out the small plates and let them have a taste. It’s not just for dessert…it’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner events.

minipancake-300x300 minimilk-240x300 minimelon-300x300 Mini-Burgers-267x300

(photos from Travels in Heels)

2. Mini Entertainment – Excite your guest with spontaneous moments or sudden interruptions. Photo programs, caricature artists, acrobats, marching bands, belly dancers, living trees and even dancing waiters and waitresses are just a few options. Sometimes it is called “flash” entertainment. A quick experience that lasts 5-10 minutes allowing the event to then resume as normal.

airbrushed backdrop, FUN Staff, clown car, FUN Enterprises corporate events, FUN Enterprises, airbrushed backdrop

Customers and guests love that “WOW” moment. It’s that memorable part of the event that allows your guests to leave and remember the experience. When the food and entertainment is the same, so is the event. Let your guests tell friends and family about the amazing experience they had. Small tastes and entertainment leave your guests engaged and wanting more. Isn’t that what every corporate event needs? Just a little something mini!

By Tricia White