FUN-tober – New York City – Amazing and Entertaining Experiences

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Over Columbus Day Weekend, Jeff and I visited New York City. We went there for some much needed rest and relaxation as well as my obsession with wanting to see “The Last Ship”. This is a new musical written by Sting and we had watched the cast perform some of the songs on a PBS special last year. The play was opening at the end of September and we were able to get tickets for Saturday night. We made reservations a few months ago so as we arrived in New York City, we didn’t have any plans outside of staying at Citizen M on W. 50th Street.

Our amazing entertainment experiences went like this:

1. Citizen M was really cute. The hotel screamed FUN from the time we arrived. The decor was casual and whimsical with a quote on the wall of floor we were on that read ” This floor is affectionately called Bernard”. The lobby was homey leaving places to watch TV or read a book. As we checked in we were given two free drinks because we had booked on-line. BONUS! Totally unexpected and it made us feel special. The best part was we could enjoy the drinks at the roof top bar on the 20th floor.

2. After dinner on Friday night, we walked through Times Square we got to take in the Halloween signs and sights. The streets were crowded and buzzing. It made the city feel electric. I couldn’t resist going into the M&M store. Who doesn’t love orange M&Ms?

3. When we returned to the hotel, we headed to the roof top to relax and watch the city lights. When we gave the bartender our tickets we figured it would be a beer and wine situation. She said to choose what we would like. “We have a $50 bottle of scotch.” We didn’t need scotch but a free drink was any free drink.

4. The following day we walked to the Metropolitan Art Museum and watched trucks begin to unload all the crowd control barriers for the big Columbus Day Parade on Monday. It’s amazing how organized they were setting up the gates. They also had crowd bleachers and stands. You never realize the work that goes into the coordination of a big city event. We went into the museum and got to see our favorite paintings from John Singer Sargent and the beautiful impressionistic artists.

5. We later walked through Central Park and never realized there was a zoo in the middle of the park. After watching the seals perform in their pool, we headed to the back of the park and went to a little restaurant called Isabella’s.

6. My college roommate and her husband decided to come into the city and have lunch with us. It was a wonderful surprise as it as there 30th wedding anniversary. I had been a bridesmaid in her wedding so it was so nice to be able to have lunch and celebrate. After lunch we took a nice walk along Columbus Ave. and enjoyed dessert at Magnolia’s Bakery.

7. Off to the theater to see “The Last Ship”. It was EXCELLENT! The story was beautiful, the cast was incredibly talented and if I could go back and see the play again, and again, I would. I absolutely loved the music!

8. On Sunday we walked to the Chelsea Market where a few of the Food Network shows are filmed. It was a very interesting place with many different types of food ingredients and supplies. We continued on to the Twin Tower Memorials which wasn’t far from the market. Just as we got to the memorial there was a Red Balloon Flower fountain. I loved it because FUN has balloon artists and it made me think of our artists. We walked across the street and viewed the memorial. It was very eerie to be there, especially seeing all the names of those who died. It felt overwhelming.

9. We walked back through China Town and Little Italy (Grabbed a double chocolate gelato…HEAVEN!) before we found a little pub to watch the Patriots game. C’mon! We are true New England Patriots Fans. They were playing the Buffalo Bills and we figured we could find it on a TV somewhere. We won 37-22! Go Pats!

10. We walked back along Broadway and saw a stage set in the middle of the street. There was an event being run by Express #expressrocks. They had a number of acts performing from Jane’s Addiction to Billy Idol. As we waited to see who was playing next, they announce DEVO. There we were – standing in NYC – watching DEVO sing “Whip It” (Whip it GOOD!) – Too funny!

11. Being tired from all the walking, we relaxed before we went out to dinner. With no reservations or ideas of where we wanted to eat, we stumbled upon a little place called Patsy’s Italian Restaurant. Zagat rated them in 2013 and we decided to go in. We had the BEST pasta dishes that night. ABSOLUTELY delicious! Being foodies, we love a good restaurant, but it was funny that sometimes we just find them by accident.

12. Lastly, on Monday, we decided we would get breakfast and then head home. There was a diner at the corner of Broadway and W. 5oth Street called Ellen’s Stardust Diner. All weekend there were long lines waiting to get into the diner. Sometimes it was 100+ people deep. Going inside we finally understood why…all the waiters and waitress are actors and actresses who are in many of the plays on Broadway. While you were being served one of them would be singing. The singers were amazing, all the way down to one girl who sang, “Let it go”. I got goosebumps. I felt like we had attended another broadway show.

We had so much FUN. During the 3 days we were there we walked 10+ miles on Friday, 11+ miles on Saturday and 12+ miles on Sunday. It was great being out and seeing all the sites of NYC. We had so many amazing experiences, some planned and some were that we were “at the right place at the right time”.

I’m glad we were able to get away and I truly cherish the great experiences we had. Amazing experiences will give you long lasting memories. This will be a trip I will always remember!

Tricia White

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