Need an entertainment idea? How about a Photo Program!

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Being in the entertainment industry, it can be difficult to describe what you do, especially when it’s interactive novelty entertainment. When we mention we run Photo Programs, people aren’t really sure what they are.

Today, people take photos with their smartphone so they can easily show friends and family what they have been doing. Try and think of the last time you took a picture and actually had it printed. I know for me, it’s been years! I had an eye opening experience over the holidays as I was one of the photographers on our photo programs. When working with children, they became very nervous around this big black box I was holding up to my face. For many, all they know is Mom or Dad taking a picture or video of them with a smartphone. After I was taking a number of pictures, these children wanted to see the photo on the back screen of the camera. This is how they see their photos, not in print, but on the screen of a smartphone. These children were excited that they had a physical picture of themselves. One little girl kept coming over and having her picture taken and every time I took a picture, she made me show it to her with the camera. At the end of the evening, with a big smile on her face, she was clutching a hand full of pictures of herself.

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Because we have the ability to take the picture, print it into the needed format and then heat press or print out the product, the experience not only becomes FUN, but in 5 minutes you are holding the product.

From a corporate or college perspective, we also have the ability to incorporate the brand or theme for the event. From company logo to tag lines and themes, we can add those to the product, allowing participants to remember what they were doing and who sponsored the event. Being at the event, with photographers and printers, we are capturing that exact moment.

We have over 50 different types of photo programs available. We always say, if we can take your picture, we can put it on almost anything (within reason). If you would like us to help you theme your event with a new idea or product , we are always here to listen to your ideas and eager to try and implement them.

For more information on photo programs, please visit FUN Photo Programs.

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