What is Interactive Novelty Entertainment?

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When you are in the entertainment industry, it is hard to designate what “type” of entertainment you provide. Entertainment can be categorized as comedy, sports, film, music, speakers, performers and more. When searching for different types of entertainment, falling under the category of interactive novelty entertainment never explains what it truly does.

Interactive novelty entertainment means many types of entertainment. This is normally entertainment that creates a lasting memory or experience. This experience can be something physical, like a product an individual helps to create, or sensational, something they participate in, watch or hear.

Interactive novelty entertainment can come in the forms of:

1. Caricature Artists or Caricaturists – An over exaggerated, hand drawn picture of yourself. Entertainment value: Watching the artists draw the picture is as entertaining as the individual who gets to take home the caricature.

2. Airbrush Artists – A variety of products are airbrushed with a requested name or design. These products range from clothing to items that can be displayed. Entertainment value: The airbrush artists are fascinating to watch and their design skills are unique.

3. Photo Programs – People take pictures on their phone, but never print them. We capture a photo moment and print it to photo paper or on a product to take home. Entertainment value: The photographer captures the moment, the physical item will always remind guests of the event.

4. Hands-on Creative Programs – This gives you a chance to show your creative side. You get to create a product and bring it home. Entertainment value: Who doesn’t like to make something and call it their own?

5. Personalization Programs – Your name is your identity. When you add your name to a product, it allows you to claim it as yours. These programs can print your name as well as draw or paint it. Entertainment value: Everyone like to see their name in print.

6. Balloon Artists – Ballon art is used at events in a number of different ways. They can create a feeling or design for a themed event or they can entertain the attendees. Entertainment value: The audience loves watching the balloon artists create designs and the best is you get to take the masterpiece home.

7. Magicians and Mentalists – Roving entertainment is popular at events because you can go to the entertainment or it will come to you. Magic and mind reading are always fascinating to an audience. Entertainment value: Watching the slight of hand and trying to figure out, “How did they do that?”

8. Comedians and Hypnotists – Make ’em laugh! Make ’em laugh! Whether telling a joke or getting a hypnotized guest to perform, laughter is always the best medicine. Entertainment value: Audience members and participants make for the best laughter.

9. Card Tricks and Sharks – Card Tricks and Sharks show quick and mind blowing tricks with a deck of cards. They can also move around an event and entertain on the spot. Entertainment value: A quick burst of entertainment that allows the audience to participate and watch with amazement.

10. DJs, Musicians and Singers – From full-out dance parties to small gatherings around a performer, music brings a fun element to any event. When the music fits the mood or theme it complements your event. Entertainment value: A pleasure for the senses of sight and sound.

11. Artistic and Theatrical Performers – These types of performances can range from active (dancers, acrobats, jugglers, marching bands…) to the creative (living statues, mimes, puppeteers, poets….). This allows for bursts of entertainment energy that creates an unexpected experience for the guest. Entertainment value: Participants are impressed with the unique experience that complements the event.

12. Game Shows and Team Building – Sometimes the entertainment needs to get audience or team participation. Working as a group can be FUN especially when it involves games and brainstorming. Entertainment value: Groups love teambuilding that is mixed with an element of friendly competition.

13. Rides and Inflatables – Sometimes you need to create an entertainment environment that includes large scale rides and FUN inflatables. This allows for physical activity as well as a carnival style environment. Entertainment value: You are never to old to have FUN like a kid!

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And the list can go on and on. These are big shoes to fill when you are an interactive novelty entertainment company. Trying to keep up with corporate and educational entertainment trends means companies are always looking to create products and services that are unique and FUN. Guests and attendees want to be able to talk about or be the first to experience something new so creating interesting programs that keep attendees smiling, laughing and remembering your brand is important.

When you are looking for interactive novelty entertainment at your next event, create a memorable and long lasting experience by pairing FUN entertainment with the theme of your event. You want participants and attendees to be talking about your event long after it ends. Let us help you create that experience.

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