Interactive Entertainment Can Make Your Brand Memorable

Last week, FUN Enterprises worked in collaboration with Metro South Chamber of Commerce and the Brockton Rox to provide some interactive entertainment during a New Member Networking Event. When we talk about interactive entertainment, people we meet nod as if they know what we are talking about. Not many people ask what it is as much as they say, “Oh.” Sometimes it’s easier to show you interactive entertainment VS telling you about it.

During this event, we provided interactive entertainment in three ways. Pretend you were at the event and let us walk you through the process.

1. We took your picture. It was centered around you whether you are the client, the customer or the attendee.

Brockton Rox, FUN, photo programs

2. You got to watch our staff transfer your picture to a product. We were heat transferring images onto metal water bottles as part of the photo program.

Brockton Rox, FUN, photo programs

3. You got to take home a personalized water bottle as a remembrance of the event. Choosing a product that coordinates with the summer weather was perfect.

photo water bottles, photo program, Brockton Rox, FUN

The greatest part of interactive entertainment is you bring home a reminder of what you did at the event. Of the 100+ people who attended the event – 90% of them had pictures taken and brought home a water bottle. If you asked them, “What was the best part of the New Member Networking Event?” they will say “I got a water bottle with my picture on it!”.

So, we accomplished the first part of interactive entertainment – people remember the event because of the experience. You don’t normally go to a networking event and come home with a personalized gift. 

The second part of interactive entertainment is the ability for a company to take center stage. As much as there were personalized photos on the water bottle, the other side of the bottle had the Brockton Rox and FUN Enterprises logos. Their impression of the event was positive and the reminder of the brand is right beside it. They are reminded of who was nice enough to sponsor or give them the gift.

FUN logo, branding, Staff

If you are looking to make your next event interactive and memorable, think FUN Enterprises – this interactive entertainment can make your brand (and event) memorable.

By Tricia White