FUN-tober Halloween Party Ideas with FUN Photo Programs

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Are you looking for Halloween Party Ideas?

FUN Enterprises LOVES Halloween as much as anyone does! During this time of year, colleges and corporations are looking for entertainment ideas that create scary scenarios during Halloween events. Two novelty entertainment programs which delight students, employees and guests are Scream Scene Photos and the Grim Reaper Backdrop Photos.

The Scream Scene Photo Program illuminates the participants to make it look like they are glowing. We can create a background that can complement the theme of your event. With mid-terms falling around this time of year, colleges love using this program as an opportunity for students to have FUN and take a break from studying. They also use it add extra spookiness to their Halloween events.

The Grim Reaper Backdrop creates a scary entertainment experience that keeps our guests laughing the entire time. The backdrop was airbrushed by one of our talented FUN artists and gives that creepy Halloween vibe. Participants poke their head through the pre-cut holes and add character by screaming and pretending to look back at the Reaper.

Both of these programs can create long lasting memories of how much FUN it was celebrating Halloween. For more information on these programs, call FUN Enterprises at 781-436-3187.

Create a memory! We make it easy! We make it scary! We make it FUN!

Tricia White