FUN-tober What’s your FAVORITE Halloween Candy?

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Snickers and Candy Corns and Reese’s, oh my! Yes, there is candy everywhere you look. Whether at your local drugstore, favorite supermarket or large retail store, you will find two to three rows of Halloween goodies; mini size, bite size, regular size and giant candy. There are single candy bags as well as candy combinations. There are the sweet and sour candies, chocolate bars with (or without) nuts, coconut, caramel, rice krispies and of course, candy corns.

So, what type of candy buyer are you? 

  • Do you buy candy early in the season and eat some of the bags before Halloween?
  • Do you buy bags of candy and put one away as your special bag? The one you hoard? The one you don’t want to share?
  • Do you buy bags of candy, put them away and open then on October 31st?
  • Do you buy Halloween candy at the last minute so it won’t be in the house and you won’t eat it?


I laugh because I LOVE Halloween candy and I used to buy a few bags at the beginning of the season and use them periodically until Halloween. My kids would have friends over or maybe we would have a little treat after dinner so I would break into one of the bags. I will admit though, I am a candy hoarder. With 4 kids, I wanted something of my own…like a bag of bite-size Snickers or Dark Chocolate Mini Reese’s Cups. Sorry, not sharing.

Today’s FUN-tober question is: What is your FAVORITE Halloween Candy? Leave a comment telling us about your favorite candy and you could win a FUN box of Halloween Candy. We will choose a winner on Friday, October 10th!

You already know my favorite, what is yours? 

Tricia White