FUN-tober Scary and Memorable Halloween Music

When you think of Halloween music, there are normally three songs that come to mind, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash and Ray Parker, Jr.’s Ghostbusters. They are classic songs and videos that are perfect to add to a Halloween party or pipe in during trick or treat.

Here are a few reasons why they are just so much FUN!

1. Michael Jackson’s Thriller is intriguing. There are creepy noises within the video, corpses are dancing and the most famous, creepy voiced narrator, Vincent Price, is speaking over the music. He created an amazing experience, not only to listen to, but to watch. It’s creepy, but it’s FUN!

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

2. The Monster Mash is one of those songs that you just grew up with – who hasn’t heard of the Monster Mash – I bet you are singing it right now, “He did the mash, he did the…” The different types of singing styles – the very low bass, makes you remember that voice. The best part of finding this Halloween song was coming across an old American Bandstand video and you see a young Dick Clark announcing Bobby Pickett – CLASSIC!

Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash

3. The Ghostbusters theme song is perfect because it ties in with all the paranormal activity that takes place in the movie. Who you gonna call…

Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters

There were a few other songs that are great for Halloween which I had completely forgot about. How about…

Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” or Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London”. Perfectly creepy songs…with great beats!

I know there is a list of FUN Halloween songs and I would love to hear about your favorites. Do you have a Halloween party and play spooky music? Do you play music during trick or treat? Or, do you just like to listen to Halloween music because it’s that spooky season? Tell me what Halloween songs are your favorite!

Remember, adding themed music to your next event or experience will make it more memorable and FUN!

Tricia White