FUN-tober Rockin’ #Socktober

This morning, as I was checking my Google+ account, I came across a video shared by C.C. Chapman. I love C.C.’s passion on changing the world. He always shares interesting and thought provoking videos that can make you laugh, think, take action and even cry. Every time I watch one of his videos I am moved in one way or another.

The video that C.C. shared is called “3 Questions that Could Change the World” from Kid President. Kid President, who is pretty funny, asks three questions:

1. What are you not “ok” with?

2. What do you have?

3. What can you do about it?

He then goes on to answer the questions about homelessness and how we can help. His answers are to the questions above:

1. There are 600,000 people without a home each night in the U.S.

2. “YOU have friends, YOU have family, YOU have AWESOME people all around…”

3. We can be better friends to our neighbors who are homeless.

Kid President then launches into his #socktober campaign on collecting socks for the homeless. So here is what you can do:

1. Start in your neighborhood. Look for a homeless shelter or an organization that can use your help. If you can’t find one, go to HappySocktober and they can help you find one. For FUN, we have worked with School on Wheels of MA. They work to educate children, empower families and end homelessness. This will be perfect!

2. Get your friends involved! Set a goal. Set a deadline. Make it awesome! We are going to try and spread the word and as we go to our local groups and organizations, we are going to try and get others to participate whether through a donation or starting their own campaign.

3. Spread the word. Share this story and get others involved. FUN is leaning on YOU!

Doing nothing is a great way to change nothing! Give the world new reasons to dance!

So, here we go!

#socktober, fun-tober, end homelessness, donate socks Socktober2

Our box is ready and we need to start filling it. I am mounting a campaign to have this article shared as well as get individuals to donate, especially when I will be participating in events. We will keep you up to date with the cooperation of other groups and organizations. Go out and do something AWESOME! Spread the word, get your friends involved and give back to the homeless community!

Tricia White