FUN-tober Pumpkin Fest 2014 – Keene, NH, Boston, MA and Providence, RI

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October is such a great time of year. The weather is cooler, the leaves are turning, there are football games, tailgate parties and lots of Halloween decorations. Whether there are scarecrows, mums or bales of hay, there is one thing you will always see…PUMPKINS. Pumpkins that are painted, decorated, carved or just left in their natural state.

Back in 2006, my daughter, Danielle, decided she was going to attend Keene State College. We hadn’t heard of the Keene Pumpkin Fest but the Friday night prior to event, there are thousands of pumpkins delivered to the Keene State campus and the students carve pumpkins for the event. She would tell us stories about carving pumpkins as well as all the pumpkin guts that were thrown at each carver in the process. She said she would pull pieces of pumpkin from her hair all weekend long.

After Danielle graduated, I followed the Pumpkin Fest when there was a competition between Keene and Boston. I never realized that the first year Danielle attended Keene State was the year Boston took the Guinness World record from Keene for having the most pumpkins. Last year, in October 2013, Keene took the Guinness World record back. (Click here for all the pumpkin totals and competition history)

As we talked about pumpkin festivals in the lunch room last week, Donna began to tell us about a pumpkin festival at Roger Williams Zoo. She was saying that going to the zoo was a Halloween tradition and they always had a theme based around the event. “The best year was when the theme was the Wizard of Oz.” How cool is that? I love the Halloween season and Donna sparked my interest. I think we are going to take a ride out to Roger Williams and view this year’s Jack O Lantern Spectacular.

So, there are a few dates to remember:

1. Keene’s Pumpkin Festival is Saturday, October 18.

2. Boston’s Pumpkin Festival is Sunday, October 19.

3. Roger Williams Spectacular is now through Sunday, November 2.

For more information on Great Pumpkin Festivals and Sights:

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I’ve given you a few opportunities to check out some creative pumpkin carvings, tell us about some pumpkin festivals you enjoy attending. We want you to have FUN!

Tricia White