FUN-tober October’s Full Moon is a Blood Moon

blood moon

(picture from – Courtesy Jason Asselin)

This story started as I was getting ready for our October FUN-tober marketing campaign. I was trying to come up with some article titles for FUN things to do during the month of October when I decided I would talk about the Harvest Moon. I can still hear my daughter, as a little girl, calling it the Harness Moon. Thinking it was happening during the month of October, I thought I would talk about a full moon.

As I was doing my research, I found that the Harvest Moon was actually during the month of September and October is called the Hunter’s Moon. It is called the Hunter’s Moon as it was a time to start hunting to prepare for the winter months. I was reading different articles and realized we would be seeing a Blood Moon. The Blood Moon is the second of a series of four (4) lunar eclipse called a tetrad, which is rare and happens every 300 years. The first was April 15, 2014, the next is October 8 and the two following will be April 4, 2015 and September 28, 2015. According to NASA, the eclipse will be in the early morning hours of October 8th beginning at 6:25 AM (EST) and ending about an hour later at 7:24 AM (EST).

The lunar eclipse will turn the moon a bright reddish orange color hence the name Blood Moon. It will also be a Super Moon which will appear about 5% bigger than the Blood Moon this past April. I love the fact that it starts around the time I get up every day. Hopefully, I can catch the eclipse during my morning walk at Borderland Park. Being in the woods in the early hours and watching this rare event will be AWESOME.

Set you alarm clock and experience this rarely seen event.

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Tricia White