FUN-tober Happy Halloween from FUN

Happy Halloween from FUN

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Last week during lunch, our FUN staff was having a conversation about Halloween. Kim pulled out her smartphone and shared some FUN Halloween pictures that were taken back in 2006. The staff had dressed up and enjoyed the true meaning of the holiday. From pictures of Anthony, Kim’s son who was only a baby, Wade and AC, Ken (dressing as Wayde) and Kim, it was funny to look at groups of people all dressed up.

I wish I had that type of confidence to put make-up on my face and really get into character. I was always afraid to wear costumes from masks to dressing up. I always took the easy way out, having a costume with few requirements. I can only remember two times when I dressed up and that was in college. One year I was the Chiquita Banana Lady and the other time I was a Punk Rocker. Say it with me…BOR-ING!

Part of the reason is I have never really attended a Halloween Party. My friends have never really had Halloween parties and if they did, I’m not sure why I didn’t attend (Did my invitation get lost in the mail?). I consider myself a creative person and love seeing how people dressed up. I even did a post this month called Creative Halloween Costumes because I wanted to give you (the readers) some amazing costume ideas.

This year I find myself struggling with Halloween as:

  • My kids are much older and don’t dress up anymore, at least the way I used to dress them. LOL!
  • This is the 8th year of not having trick or treaters. I live is on a very busy street (40-50 mph past my house with no sidewalks) and just don’t have kids stopping by. When my kids were younger I lived in a downtown neighborhood that was filled with trick or treaters. We could get between 200-300 kids in an evening. Not only did I love seeing the kids, but speaking with the parents was FUN, too.

Today, I am telling with my friend, Susan Finn about how I miss celebrating Halloween. So, I have decided that I am going to have a Halloween Party next year. I’m tired of not dressing up! I’m tired of not celebrating the holiday. So, next year, I challenge you to come back and I will have new pictures of myself dressed up as well as those at the party. If I’ve got a whole year to plan, I can have a theme and maybe even some entertainment.

Do you have any suggestions?

I think I’m going to reserve some snap labs, from FUN, so that I can have some booth less photo booth pictures or maybe some scream scenes. You know that a good party will become a GREAT party with something my guests can take home.

So, I will reminisce about Halloweens from the past, and start thinking about how I will change that in the future.

Happy Halloween and see you next year, dressed in costume and ready to participate in holiday season.

Bolea Clan in Halloween costumes, FUN Enterprises

My kids circa 1995 – Tricia White