FUN-tober – Having FUN with Business Cards

FUN Business Cards with Personalized Caricatures

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Over the past six weeks, we have been re-introducing the FUN Enterprises brand with a new website, new blogs, updated marketing materials and new business cards. Throughout this process we have been trying to keep our brand and messaging consistent as well as adding a “FUN” element to some of the things we do, because we are FUN, you know!

As part of our marketing approach, we decided to recreate our business cards last and I am so glad we did. Had we redesigned them early in the process they would have been very standard and can I say, “Bor-ing!” Our business cards have always been bright orange so the ability to “stand out” has always been there, but how could we kick it up a notch?

I was trying to create some new ideas around our business cards when AC came back from a recent networking event and mentioned that she had received a really cool business card from one of her vendors. It was clean, stated exactly what they did and it was square. In the process of this happening, I had received an e-mail about MOO business cards. MOO has custom business cards that aren’t your traditional rectangular 3 inch x 2 inch cards.

I looked at the site, grabbed all the dimensions and started working on some designs. The first thing I decided to do was make the front of the card very basic; logo, website, phone number and one of our numerous tag lines. I go back and forth on tag lines. Do you state who you are and what you do? Or do you state what the customer or client will experience when working with you? I went with “we create memorable experiences”. Does that prompt you to ask, “what kind of memorable experiences?” or does it make you say, “Oh, that’s nice.” That’s my issue with a tagline, as much as I am a marketer, I would have responded the latter. After we go through this run of 1000 business cards, we may change it. I’m already thinking – We make it EASY! We make it MEMORABLE! We make it FUN! I always want to see FUN changing it up!

If you noticed, I chose to leave the address off. As much as we are a locally based company, our staff travels throughout the United States. I don’t want clients to think that because we as located in Stoughton, MA we are restricted to a local demographic. If I can push them to the website, then they can see where we are physically located.

When it came to the back, I wanted to list the programs of FUN so that when you said, “what types of memorable experiences?” you would have the information. As I was starting to put AC’s contact information on the back, I thought it was looking a little plain. I tried to find a type of program picture when I came across her caricature. I knew that Ken, AC and I had caricatures of ourselves that our artists created and they would be perfect to use. I could drop them into the background with a 50% transparency allowing the types of programs we offer to come forward.

So, I was really killing two birds with one stone:

1. a personalized picture identifying each one of us

2. showcasing artists that work for FUN

The information on the back of the card consisted of a personalized caricature, programs and services unique to each one of us, an e-mail address and social media networks. PERFECT! Just enough information.

The response to the cards has been amazing. People love the caricatures on the back and I love that it makes each card truly personalized to each one of us. The new design of our business cards follows in our quest to be FUN! Would you expect anything less from a company that creates a memorable experience.


Tricia White