FUN-tober Creative Halloween Costumes

12 more shopping days until Halloween!  What are you going to be this year?

There are some amazingly creative Halloween costumes out there whether you are doing something solo, as a couple or as a group.

Today, when you go into the party stores, there are so many different types of costumes available that you basically build your own costume. Just recently, I was picking up costumes for FUN to donate to the Berry Insurance’s 8th annual Costume Drive to benefit Children’s Hospital and stopped by a local Party City. I walked in and didn’t know what to do. There were costumes everywhere and there wasn’t just one costume, there were thousands of costumes and many pieces to each one. What happened to the days of going into a store, buying your costume in a bag (or box) and going home. The bag (or box) would have all the essential pieces to the costume, put them on and you were ready to go. Today, (I’ll take a princess as an example) you have to buy the dress and then the wig, and then the tiara, and then the shoes, and then the additional essentials and by the time you are done – the total sum of the parts is $80-$100. I was so overwhelmed, I left the store. As I got back into my car I got giddy laughing. I have been out of the costume buying with children for a good 8+ years, when did Halloween shopping become like a prom…the dress, the shoes, the hair, the make-up, the flowers…you get my point.

I ended up going to Target since I knew the selection would be smaller and I probably wouldn’t have to buy too many additional pieces. I was able to find two costumes with 2-3 additional pieces. The process took me 15 minutes, I had what I needed and I was done.

After seeing all the Halloween costumes, I wanted to look for some good ideas. Here are some great websites with amazing costume ideas for individuals as well as groups.

First, 57 costume ideas for groups: my favorite is the roller coaster riders. Next, check out the 15 costume ideas for couples: my favorite is Bert and Ernie. How about some individual and kid ideas: my favorite of all time is octopus baby. Lastly, these parents were very creative as they dressed their baby in 31 different costumes.

So, show us your great costume ideas. Post your picture to our blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Page or Google+ page. We want to see your creative and spooky side! Happy Halloween!

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Tricia White