FUN Event Ideas for Orientation

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Perhaps, it is because I have recently worked on two NODA (National Orientation Directors Association) Regional Conferences or maybe because in 3 weeks my son is heading to his college orientation, this special and unique event has been on my mind.

What can we, at FUN Enterprises, do to help you create an AWESOME orientation experience?

First is Michael Miller, a leadership speaker and training consultant. Michael’s background as a former Director of Student Activities gives him a significant amount of experience working on orientations. He has programs that will inspire students and parents as they all begin a new journey in the fall. Michael can help you with the following educational sessions:

  1. Orientation Leader Training
  2. Parent Sessions
  3. Orientation Programs – Kickoff Sessions and Keynotes
  4. Student Welcome Sessions
  5. Student and Parent Breakout Sessions
  6. Getting the Most Out of College
  7. How to Let Go of Your Child and Stay Involved in Their Life

Along with Michael, we provide a number of entertainment programs that can enhance your orientation experience. These programs are more hands on and personalized as opposed to photo programs. They allow students to get involved in a casual way without feeling subconscious about having their picture taken. Here are some of the more popular orientation programs requested by colleges and universities:

  1. Caricature Artists – This program is wonderful for three reasons. First, students will wait to have their caricature drawn. This allows for personal interaction as the line forms. Second, as they are having their caricature drawn, they can interact with the artist, telling them about their favorite activities, as it is incorporated into the design. Third, students gather around the artist, watching the caricature come to life. This creates laughter, a light non-threatening environment and conversation after the picture is completed.
  2. Personalized License Plates – Designed around your orientation theme, students get personalized license plates that remind them of their first experience at college. It also makes for great wall art or art for their room.
  3. Airbrush Pennants – Students can choose their favorite color, design and lettering style. This program gives students the opportunity to socialize with each other and get to know one another, as they wait for their unique artwork to be created. It’s a wonderful experience reminder as it hangs on a wall or their door.
  4. Spin Art Frisbees – Hands-on activities allow students to participate in the process. They decorate the Frisbee with colored paints and then watch as it spins into a unique creation. When they are done, they have a Frisbee to toss around with new friends.
  5. Personalized Coffee Mugs – Students get to have their name and design put on a white ceramic mug. Great for hot and cold beverages, they are also environmentally friendly with no paper cups to throw away.
  6. Decorate Your Own Cactus Plant – Students get ceramic pots to decorate with colored pens and foam stickers. Then they are given a cactus for the pot, which is the perfect plant for a college student. It provides greenery in their room and, because you don’t have to water it often, it is low maintenance. For most people, it is tough to kill a cactus.

We have been working with schools to plan their orientations for years and we are happy to share our thoughts with you. During the time we have done this, we have seen and collected a number of great themes and program ideas from our clients. We can provide this resource to you as well. We want to help your students ease into the new routine of college life and have FUN while doing it.

Ken Abrahams

Personalized License Plates , FUN Enterprises,, freshman orientation airbrush pennants, personalized, FUN Enterprises

 Freshman Orientation Entertainment Ideas