Having FUN with our Caricature Artists

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On Tuesday, the caricature artists at FUN Enterprises came to the office for some opportunities to hone skills and draw the in-house staff. Since a few of our artists travel around the United States, it was nice to have an opportunity to get together when everyone was home.

When you think of a caricature, your first thought could be “bobble head”. An artist creatively takes advantage of facial features and accentuates them making them larger than the body. They then draw the body as the hobby or activity the individual enjoys. We had fun moving between the artists and getting different caricature perspectives. It’s not about the exactness as much as it is about the interpretation.

1. First, the caricature artists were drawing each other. Justin is one of our caricature artists.

2. The second one is of Stan. You can begin to see the likeness.

3. The next was the “Caricature Life of Sam”. Samantha actually sat with all the artists so we got to see the perspective and creativity of each artist.

4. Lastly, was our “Wall of Fame” where many of us were drawn 2-3 times by different caricature artists.

Like anything, whether this type of entertainment is being done as practice or as a craft, it was fun to have a few take-aways at the end of the day. The first was how good the artists were. Some drew in a portrait style format where the design was more structured and there was more of an exactness to the individual. Others drew in more of a cartoon style format having more fluidity to their stroke with more perception than exactness. Either way, the end products were wonderful. The second takeaway was the FUN. Everyone was laughing, enjoying the moment and watching to see how well the picture matched the person being draw. Lastly, we got to take our portraits home, a physical gift from the event and a reminder of how much FUN we had.

If you are interested in hiring any of our caricature artists for your next event, please contact AC Anders or Ken Abrahams at 781-436-3187.

By Tricia White