Every Summer Event Has It’s Own FUN Story

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What’s Your Story?

During Red Sox Opening Week, one of our clients contacted us and asked if we could help them plan a baseball themed event. Located in the heart of Boston, there was no outdoor space to have a cook-out, until the loading dock became the perfect location. Light up the grills and let the games begin!

The staff may not have been able to see the real game, but “BIG League Brian” and some instant candid photos made it an afternoon to remember.

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“BIG League Brian” is one of FUN’s awesome stilt entertainers named Brian Dwyer. His stilt character is interactive, engaging and lots of FUN. “BIG League Brian” always comes dressed for the occasion and he was ready for opening day! Go SOX!

Our Instant Candid Photos let our photographer take photos of the employees and then print them in just minutes. These photos can be taken anywhere. For one group of employees, we had a backdrop of the Green Monster with Red Sox props. This allowed everyone to be a Red Sox fan!

The second group of employees were in the call center. They couldn’t leave the phones, so we brought the FUN to them. We took the props and photographer inside and they were able to participate in the activities.

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This was a win, win for everyone. There is nothing better than having an event and making sure that accommodations can be made for everyone.

If you are planning a summer event, whether a family day, community event or employee cook-out, adding special moments turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. The best part is YOU (as the planner) get to relax and enjoy yourself.

Let us help you plan your next event!

Corporate Themed Entertainment Ideas for Employee Appreciation