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 High School Prom Entertainment

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A high school prom is a very special event. Anticipation and preparations begin weeks before the actual night, which is often times the major social event of senior (and sometimes junior) year. For millions of high school students, prom stands out as one of the strongest memories of their entire high school career. Don’t you want that memory to be a good one? It will be if you get the right high school prom entertainment.

Unlike some companies that offer prom photography, FUN prints photos on-site, making sure that students go home with their memories – instead of waiting weeks for them to arrive. We have party portrait and green screen programs where we can create elegant or themed backdrops for formal pictures. Later in the evening, we can switch it up to a booth-less photo booth style and let the students take some FUN pictures with dates and friends.

We make it easy. We make it FUN.

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