High School Events (Schools K-12)

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Ideas for Entertainment

FUN Enterprises, Inc. provides unique, interactive entertainment programs of the highest quality to educational institutions nationwide. Whether you are planning a prom, homecoming weekend or a major event for hundreds, FUN has the events that leave your guests saying, “WOW, that was awesome!”

We help you develop a concept tailored to your students’ interests, plan the event, choose and manage the entertainment. We can help you with ideas for high school events.

FUN Enterprises, Inc. makes it easy. We make your event exciting and memorable and we’re with you every step of the way, including follow up! We supply the highest quality artistic programs, photo programs, novelty programs, performers and entertainers and a wide variety of specialized programs that are second to none.

Prom, graduation, homecoming, and senior week are just a few of the major moments in middle and high school life. Our programs are designed to ensure that these events will be ones that students remember and cherish. FUN Enterprises, Inc. provides photography, personalized keepsakes, apparel and post-grad/prom events as special reminders of these great occasions.

With FUN’s help, high school graduates will look back on their experience at your institution, years later, with a smiling fondness and a sense of nostalgia – true marks of a job done well.


After Graduation and After Prom Parties

Class Events


We make it EASY! We provide Entertainment for High Schools! We make it FUN!