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FUN Speakers – Michael Miller and Michele McPhee

Michael Miller, Leadership. Speaker Freshman Orientation, FUN Enterprises

Michael Miller

Michael Miller is a inspirational and leadership speaker who can make any event come alive. Michael uses his energy and enthusiasm to get your group totally focused on the topic. Always humorous and sometimes wild, Michael has a fresh and inspiring style. He is passionate; he is bold. Whether you are planning a management conference, employee orientation or full company event, Michael can design training sessions that will meet your goals.

Michele McPhee

Michele McPhee is an award winning criminal investigative reporter and nationally known author. She is an amazing storyteller. She can teach you about researching and digging into theories about people living under the radar. It’s about taking advantage of opportunities and not leaving any stone unturned. Michele can also create programs for the specific needs of your employees.

Michele McPhee with the TravelChannel Michele McPhee Headshot


For more information on our speaker series, please look at our FUN Enterprises Speakers website.

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