Weekend and Late Night Events

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We help you develop entertainment ideas for college students during late night and weekend events!

Colleges and universities are looking for entertainment ideas for alternative weekend and late night events. College events rock with novelty entertainment. FUN Enterprises, Inc. can create an interactive entertainment experience that will bring your campus to life and bring the student community together. We work with you to identify entertainment ideas for college students that will get the most engagement as well as memorable experience.

If your college needs to break things up on the weekend or late at night, we can provide that shot of FUN. With hundreds of programs, we can personalize products or provide entertainment in the form of caricature and airbrush artists, entertainers, speakers and performers. We understand your student community; we can help you choose quality programs that match your student needs. Call us at 781-436-3187 and let us help you find the right program for your college event.

We make it easy! We help you with entertainment ideas! We make it FUN!