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We work with you to create entertainment ideas for college events, especially when it comes to commuters!

Commuters are individuals who live off campus. Many times, they have set schedules whether through school, work or home life. Commuter events are designed for students around daytime or evening classes. Creating interactive programs for these students allows them to engage and interact with their fellow commuters as well as those who live on campus. When providing entertainment opportunities for commuters, you have to think outside the box, we want to help you develop entertainment ideas that will engage students. Today, programming is based around the schedule and convenience of the student. FUN Enterprises, Inc. can help you plan a successful commuter event where students are excited about their involvement within the college community. We can meet groups on or off-campus, even in unique locations – we’re flexible! If you’re not sure what kinds of events are appropriate for involving commuters, give us a call and we’ll help you design an event that makes everyone feel right at home.

Our BEST event is yours! We make it easy. We create entertainment ideas! We make it fun!

Check out our amazing programs! Call today and we can answer all your questions and give you quotes – 781-436-3187.