Employee Summer Events – A Day to Remember

When I was young my father’s company summer outing was a fishing trip. My father owned a mechanical contracting company so he employed mostly men but the families were also invited. Even though the spouses and children were invited not many came except for my mom, my siblings and me. The fishing trip was always a blast. There was amazing homemade food cooked by my mom and of course plenty to drink. We went out all day on the ocean and, I am not sure but, I never remember a rainy day. We had the whole boat to ourselves, followed the fish, ate, drank and just hung out. We had FUN.

Those memories are over 45 years old. Even though people have retired or moved on, when I run into those past employees and their children they all talk about how those were the best of times and how they really felt like the company cared about them. My father was a strong believer in his employees. He understood that they were the backbone of his business. If you treat them right they will treat you and your customers right. The summer outing was not the only employee event, he also held two holiday parties; one at the shop for just the employees and one at a restaurant for employees and their guests.

FUN Enterprises, Breast Cancer Awareness

I have worked at Fun Enterprises for over 20 years, our employee/company holiday parties and summer get togethers have given me a greater sense of unity and feeling of appreciation.

We help our clients produce hundreds of employee’s events each year and the comments we get from the employees are always positive especially in the last few years. Employees like to feel good about work. I say it all the time, saying “thank you” does not have to be a big event. It can be as simple as a lunchtime social or an ice cream truck for an afternoon break.

I am talking about my personal feelings because it is not just statistics talking when we write and tell our clients that employee events are important. I know from experience how these events have made an impact on people’s lives, including my own.

AC Anders