Employee Appreciation – During and After a Busy Season

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Programs that help your employees stay stress-free while still being productive.

This is the time of year that stresses employees and corporate leaders. If you are an accountant or accounting firm, W-2 and 1099’s need to be out by the end of January, calendar year corporate returns are due March 15th, individual tax returns are due April 15th and the deadlines go on and on. If you are a corporation that sets goals for corporate growth in January, it means looking at year end figures, establishing corporate and individual employee goals and making sure people stay on track. For your employees, the holidays are over, credit cards and debit may be higher and the New Year is daunting. Welcome to 2015!

How do you keep staff motivated and productive while creating a stress-free environment? I know…IMPOSSIBLE. Not really, FUN Enterprises is thinking of ways that we can help you keep your staff motivated and stress free.

Let’s start with general stress relief. Being a resource and advocate for your employees can help them to be more calm and focused. Here is a great article, 5 Ways to Stress Less at Work, written by U.S. News on January 6, 2015. It’s got great tips for being more mindful and calm throughout the work day from catching a quick brain break to ignoring battles that aren’t worth fighting. Just grab the link and share it with your employees.

Another way to ensure a stress-free environment is by creating opportunities for employees to get out of their office or cubical and away from their computer or desk. We can help you with a number of ways to “de-stress” in a FUN way.

During a busy season or quarter –

1. Portable Mini Golf – Our indoor mini golf course is great way to practice your putting before you hit the greens in April/May. It’s also a great team building activity.

2. Peace in the Workplace Seminar – Our wellness speaker can discuss strategies for relieving stress in the workplace as well as in your life. You can follow-up the session with massage therapists who can help relax those tired muscles from sitting and crunching numbers.

3. Caricature Artists – Take a break and get some comic relief with an exaggerated picture of yourself. Our caricature artists will entertain those who enjoy watching the process of art being created as well as those who are getting a picture of themselves. This makes for great “office” art.

After the busy season or quarter – 

1. Funny Money Casino Program – Reward your employees with a Casino Day or NIght. Set it up in your office or find a venue to celebrate. Reward prizes to the winners  and losers. Great time for a little bit of friendly competition.

2. Linkedin Seminar with Portraits – Our photographer can take casual, professional head shots of your employees and then they can attend an in-house seminar from our social media trainer on how to best use Linkedin. No longer is it a place to put your resume, Linkedin profiles are career portfolios. Creating the right profile can help personal as well as corporate branding and marketing.

3. Photo Programs – Our photographer can take pictures of your staff and place them on products while they wait. Photo mugs, water bottles, dry erase boards and more. If they don’t want their picture taken, a favorite picture can also be applied to the product.

These are just a few ideas to help with employee appreciation events. These programs can be used in any capacity at any time. We want to keep you and your employees happy, stress-free and eager to enjoy a little bit of FUN.

FUN Enterprises Employee Appreciation Ideas