Don’t Make Resolutions, Make Continuous Improvements

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

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2014 is now in the rearview mirror. As in years past, this time of year brings a mix of emotions. November and December are two of my favorite months. People are in a great mood during the holiday season and they often walk around with a smile on their faces and spread the joy to friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers. Doors are held open more often. Lines at grocery and retail stores seem far more pleasant and we tend to cut one another some slack. Of course, as we get into the New Year much of this will fade as the weather continues to cool the smiles and good cheer fade as well.

Many use the beginning of the year to make huge changes in their life and their businesses with New Year’s resolutions. I hate New Year’s resolutions. If there is something that needs to be changed why are you waiting until the calendar rolls into a New Year? We re-evaluate our business periodically throughout the year. If you ask our staff we often make too many changes during each year. January for us is a great time to look at some of those changes and see if they worked. We do this not because it is a New Year but because our schedule is a little lighter and it allows us to spend the needed time.

For FUN Enterprises, Inc. 2014 was a pretty good year but I am not sad to see it go. Why would I not be sad to see a year that was pretty good end, you might ask? As many before me have said if you are not moving forward you are going backwards. So, we are looking to improve in 2015. Our “game plan” includes adding some new programs, increasing Michael Miller’s exposure and corporate business, increasing our social media presence and possibly adding new sales people.

If you need to jump-start your business here are a few tips for this year.

  1. Take time each day to read about good business practices or something new and different in your field.
  2. Get on social media. Even if you don’t tweet or use Twitter at all, get on there to find articles and news. There is a lot of information on Twitter and other sites and it is easy and quick to access. Connect with friends and associates on LinkedIn to broaden your network and find additional sources of referrals.
  3. Ask clients for recommendations, referrals and letters. You can include them on your website and promotional materials.
  4. Your staff is a valuable resource. Ask for their input or opinion on issues. They may have the exact answer you are looking for. It empowers employees and gets them excited to bring new ideas forward.
  5. Try to stay positive and upbeat even when there are problems.

So long 2014 and HELLO 2015! I am looking forward to getting to know you. As always I am a little nervous about what you have in store but looking forward to the ride.

Wishing all of you the best in the New Year and great success in 2015.

Don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, Promise Yourself to Work on Continuous Improvements.