FUN-tober Do you have Halloween Traditions?

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This is my FAVORITE time of year. Once I get passed my birthday in September, I spend the next three months decorating my house for the holidays. The first is Halloween followed by Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I love being creative and coming up with FUN ways to decorate my house.

Our Halloween traditions were full of funny and spooky designs. Years ago, when my kids were little, I would try to come up with different types of decorations. During a few of those years, I would put a big orange spider web on my porch using plastic tape and then would add a big scary spider. After that I would get my crazy witch built. Depending on how she was flying that year, I would have her hit the house or the large tree out front. She would be fully dressed with a big black hat, long gray hair, a long black cape, stripped socks and a large broom. To finish the look, I would have corn husks and pumpkins at the front and back door.

After we moved, I still looked for FUN ways to decorate my house. For the past number of years, I have hung large spiders that look like they are crawling down the front of my garage. I still finish the decorations with corn husks, pumpkins and a few colorful mums. I try and add a few different touches each year but I feel like my creativity is waning a bit. I need some new ideas and suggestions.

As much as I may feel like my decorations may be a bit boring, I do love when my kids call and say, “Have you put those creepy spiders on the garage yet?” I always ask them if I should put them up again this year and my daughter will say, “MOM, you have to put them up! They creep me out, but it’s Halloween, it makes the house look scary.”

On some occasions, I hear about my spiders when I meet new people from my town. I will describe where I live and I will hear, “Oh, my GOD, you have those big spiders on your house during Halloween. I know exactly where you live.” It’s FUN when your decorating traditions are admired not only by your family but by people who ride by your house.

Do you have any Halloween traditions? FUN would love to hear about them! Tell us your story in the comment area or join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest. We would love to see pictures, too!

Halloween traditions can be creepy and FUN!

creepy spiders, halloween traditions, FUN Enterprises


Tricia White