Creating a Better Entertainment Experience with Photos

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With a show of hands, how many people belong to a group or association? I bet if I was looking out into web land, I would see quite a few hands. Many people belong to an assortment of groups and organizations. Whether a networking, community based or fundraising group, these organizations allow individuals the opportunity to connect, learn about each other, refer products and services and create community.

As much as we at FUN participate in many of these groups and organizations, there is a bit group repetition. When you go to a networking event, it’s kind of the same thing. You walk in, look for a group of people you know, make introductions, exchange business cards, idle chit chat and then you walk out the door and breath a sigh of relief…ok, that’s over. When I think about networking events, nothing “stands out” – it’s very forgettable. I use networking events as an example, but think about events in general, do you ever feel like you go through the motions? That there isn’t anything that separates this event from the last 99 you attended whether a birthday party, anniversary party, wedding, meeting or fundraiser.

Are there opportunities for creating a better entertainment experience?


The first YES says – What kind of event are you having and who will be attending?

The second YES says – Should you create a theme around the event to get more participation or create some excitement?

The last YES says – How can you brand the experience with a group or organization? Do people talk about your event long after it’s over?

Creating a better entertainment experience means getting people involved and allowing them to go home with a physical product or a lasting memory.

There is one thing people LOVE…pictures…of themselves! How do we know? Think selfie. The problem, though, is no one gets pictures printed anymore. Unless you are scanning your smartphone to find a picture, you don’t have a physical piece of paper to hang on a wall, place in your office or stick in the corner of a favorite mirror.

There are a few thing you can do to create a better entertainment experience for your guests: create entertainment based around pictures.

1. Incorporate some type of picture taking or photo experience for your guests – allow them to capture the moment and then take it home.

2. If photos can’t be done, what about caricatures? Caricatures capture two types of entertainment – 1. The person who is being drawn gets to take home an exaggerated picture of themselves and for those watching, they get to see the artwork come to life.

If you need ideas to help create a better entertainment experience, call FUN at 781-436-3187 and we can identify a photo program or caracature artists that can best suit the needs of your group or organization.

We make it EASY! We take your PICTURE! We make it FUN!