Creating a Corporate Event Experience at Geek Girl Tech Con

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How do you create a memorable experience at a corporate event? How do you get your attendees to remember your brand long after your event is over? Let me tell you a little story.

Recently, FUN Enterprises, participated in the Geek Girl Tech Con in Plymouth, MA. “Geek Girl Tech Con is a daylong conference that educates and empowers every girl, woman and man, at any age, on every skill level, at every income level, on computer technology with fun.” Geek Girl wants to conquer an individual’s fear of computer technology.

I have participated in Geek Girl Camp for a number of years. As the Geek Girl Tech Conference was being organized, FUN took advantage of becoming a sponsor. As we looked at creating a memorable experience at the conference, we looked at a few event dynamics.

First, who is attending?


– Demographic – mostly women (95%), average age 40.

– Lifestyle – small business owners, marketers and brand managers, employees, students, life long learners and those in job transition.

Second, is there anything new with the Geek Girl Brand?

Geek Girl:

– Brand Transition: Change in brand concept – Geek Girl Camp to Geek Girl Tech Con.

– Logo: Added a superhero component to the corporate logo.

– Creation of a new website for the expanding tech conference market.

Now, how do you incorporate this information into an experience that attendees will remember? We looked at a number of FUN programs that combine a professional product with a branding element. We decided to go with the personalized business card holders. We chose this program for a number of reasons.

1. Business card holders are a functional product, especially for the group of women attending the conference. It protects business cards and it is easy to place in a pocket, pocketbook or purse.

2. It is a great time to incorporate the new brand with the conference experience. When Geek Girl created the graphic, they incorporated the new “superhero” logo.

3. Each participant had their name printed on the business card holder as well as their special GEEK GIRL number.

For those who haven’t attended a Geek Girl Technology Conference, each Geek Girl instructor has a number. Leslie Fishlock, the CEO, is Geek Girl #1. I happen to be Geek Girl #34, for my years of teaching at Geek Girl Camp. In the past, those who attend the conference did not receive a number. This year, all the attendees got their own Geek Girl number.

Let’s go back to the original question…how do you get your attendees to remember your brand after your event is over? Start by creating a product that is versatile for the audience, personalize it with a name or photo, give it a one of a kind feature and brand it with your event or corporate logo. I think FUN accomplished that with the business card holder.

If you are getting ready to organized an event and need some ideas for creating a memorable experience, give FUN Enterprises a call. We have been in the interactive novelty entertainment business for over 25 years and would love to brainstorm with you about your next event. Ultimately, we want to help you create an amazing entertainment experience that keeps your clients and customers talking about your brand wherever they go!

Tricia White  #geekgirltechcon

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