The Holidays are Coming! Corporate Event Entertainment

Have you booked your corporate holiday event entertainment?

It’s only September but you will blink and be in the middle of the holiday season. Planning a corporate holiday or private event can be overwhelming, especially if this is something you have taken on in addition to you regular job. You want everyone to have FUN at the “Holiday Party” whether it is your employees, clients or special guests. What can you do to ensure guests will go home saying, “That was so much FUN! It was one of the best events we have ever been to!”

Bringing interactive entertainment to an event will allow your guests to participate in a memorable experience. Whether hiring an entertainer or giving guests a personalized gift, they will go home remembering your event as well as your brand.

People, in general, want to talk about an experience. They want to be “the first” to talk about how they participated in the event whether being asked by an entertainer, smiling for the camera or designing a product for themselves. Corporate events and private parties that incorporate “mini” experiences have a better chance of being remembered. Perfect example…I spent 4 days at #INBOUND14, which was a social media marketing conference held in Boston, sponsored by Hubspot. Along with a long list of notable speakers, they created many “mini” memorable experiences:

  • Juice and food samples are passed out each day as you enter the conference hall.
  • A DJ was spinning music as you enter the conference hall, creating a pumping vibe to get you going in the morning and keep you going through the day.
  • A surprise performance from OK GO, complete with treadmills – it was a funny moment prior to the featured speaker.
  • There was a magician and a caricature artist available during the evening happy hours.
  • Professional head shots were being taken throughout the day.
  • Food trucks were in the courtyard everyday at lunch.
  • Janelle Monae was the featured musical performer for the last night of the event. She was an amazing entertainer.
  • Many small, quiet breakout areas which allowed you to recharge and connect with others during the day.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility:  Clarity:Water  #septembercampaign and Malala Fund.
  • Mini Music – Individuals performed in hallway areas as entertainment in between educational sessions.

Do you get what I mean? I remembered everything…and I tell people about it!

You are probably thinking, “We can’t afford that!” You don’t have to, but what you can do is create an experience around the theme of your holiday event. Here are some FUN programs which create quite a bit of buzz throughout the holiday season:

1. The Photo Snow Globe Program allows guests to have their picture taken and then placed in a snow globe. The event can then be branded with the corporate logo placed on the reverse side of the picture. Truthfully, mine sits on my desk all year. Sometimes you need some snow in July!

2. Photo Snowflakes are another program that people love. This lasts beyond the normal holiday season as a perfect complement for a winter themed event. Or, dare I say…FROZEN!

FUN Enterprises, Photo Snow Globes, Corporate Events Photo Snowflake Ornaments, FUN Enterprises, College Activities

2. Party Portraits Program – You have bought yourself a new outfit and you look great! You take pictures on your smartphone, but do you ever get them printed? This is a great program that captures the moment and gives you a picture to take home. Every time you see the picture, you smile, “Damn, I look good!”

party portraits, FUN Enterprises, photo programs, private events party portratits, formal pictures, FUN Enterprises, corporate functions party portrait photos, college events, FUN Enterprises

3. Caricatures – The holidays are a time for FUN – Caricatures allow people to put themselves in their comfort zone or truly emphasizing their talents and hobbies. Not only do people enjoy having their caricature drawn, it becomes entertainment for others as they watch the artist create a piece of artwork. Holiday parties bring the best and the funniest out of your guests.

FUN Enterprises, caricatures, holiday and corporate eventsFUN Enterprises, caricature artists, holiday parties  Caricatures, Fall fest Event, FUN Enterprises

4. Green Screen Photos and/or Holiday Backdrops – We can complement your corporate event theme with our green screen or holiday backdrop. With the green screen photos we can superimpose your image onto a winter or holiday landscape. If you chose a holiday backdrop, we can help you add clothing or characters to heighten the experience. Speak with us if you would like us to create your own unique backdrop for your event.

Grinch and Santa Photo Pictures, FUN Enterprises, Corporate events Holiday Dress Green Screen, FUN Enterprises, Corporate Holiday Party

5. Live Novelty Entertainment – Magicians, Origami, Brain Teasers, Psychics, Funny Money, Casino Parties – The experiences above give your guests a product to remember your event. The live novelty entertainment allows your guests the opportunity to sit back and relax or become part of the performance. This is when you can offer “mini” events for your guests as these entertainers can move around the event and allow people to interact.

Joe Howard, magic, magician, FUN Enterprises Lyn Dillies FUN Enterprises, Rick Adams, one man band, stilts

Make your next holiday event a day or night to remember. Leave your guests laughing, engaging and remembering one of the BEST events they have ever experienced. That would be YOUR event, of course!

FUN Enterprises, Inc. We make it EASY. We make it MEMORABLE. We make it FUN!

By Tricia White