Corporate Event Entertainment – Why they have FUN!

This past week, FUN Enterprises, received videos we had been working on since August. Knowing the importance of having video marketing for our company, we went back and forth on how we wanted to have the company represented. Many times when people ask what FUN does, our response is – “We create a memorable experience at your event.” As much as that explains what happens when you hire us, we still need to explain to people how we do it.

We have a broad range of products and services and we can walk you through all of them but the great thing we do is listen, listen to you. We listen what you are trying to accomplish by bringing entertainment to your event. We want to be on the same page as you. We want this experience to be the BEST for you and your guests.

AC Anders, VP of Corporate Sales explains: “FUN Enterprises is different because we listen. We take what your thoughts, goals and vision are and we design an event based on you. We are en entertainment company that specializes in making your events more memorable.  My main focus on the company is helping corporations to help either reward their employees, make customers feel welcome or help with branding.”  

This video highlights the many reasons why organizations hire FUN Enterprises for their corporate event entertainment. 

When we asked our corporate clients what they thought about working with FUN this is what they said.

Patty Ferris – Marketing Event Manager, Northeast Market, PricewaterhouseCoopers explains:

“FUN Enterprises have been great to work with. I would highly recommend them. Anytime you need something they listen, they execute. They are easy to work with; great staff. Just great attitudes and that shows.”

Judy Brillhart, CSEP, PBC – Director of Catering and Event Management, Sheraton Commander Hotel  commented:

“The entire office, they’re just amazing folks to work with. If there is a problem, they actually call me before I even know it is a problem. They see the importance of their name, they understand the importance of being a good value and being a good company to work with because they are out there connecting with people.”

“FUN Enterprises is the only company that I will use or recommend my clients use for interactive event entertainment. Period.”

We’d like to thank Real Cool TV for all their help and expertise on our videos as well as our friends who so graciously spoke about working with AC Anders and FUN Enterprises.

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