College Entertainment Events – Why they use FUN! Part 1

Testimonials on College Entertainment Events

Students at colleges and universities are looking to be educated, empowered and entertained. We help student activity and leadership organizations provide FUN entertainment experiences as well as for the students body.

This is the second of three videos that have been created for FUN Enterprises discussing the quality of products and services we provide in an entertainment and educational capacity for colleges. We were fortunate enough to have David DeAngelis, Director of Student Leadership and Involvement at Suffolk University and Jeanette Buntin, Director of the Multi-Cultural Center at Bentley University speak about their partnership and work with FUN Enterprises.

Ken Abrahams, VP of Client Relations speaks at the beginning:

“Colleges come to us for two reasons – 1. Quality of the programs we offer along with our staff  – 2. We understand the educational mission.”

Jeanette Buntin explains:

“Every university that I have ever worked at I take FUN Enterprises along with me in my rolodex. They are my “go-to” company for anything in regards to novelty, creative ideas. They have always come around with great ideas and programs to really keep our students engaged.” 

David DeAngelis comments:

“They’ll work with you on developing a program as opposed to just saying here’s what we have but, yeah, we want to create something and do something unique and they’ll say – let’s make it happen. From that company, it sort of resonates down from the top. The owners really expect excellence and when working with their clients, you have that in every phone call you make and every program you bring to campus.”

Ken Abrahams further explains:

“Budgets are, in any organization, whether corporate or college, budget is always an issue. We are always interested in making sure the needs of the client are met and again trying to figure out a way to make the money work for them.”

“We have had clients that have said – When the orange shirts are there, I have nothing to worry about and I love that!”

“I love the fact that our staff has become part of some of these campuses. That people know our staff, it’s not just, oh, that guy from FUN Enterprises, they know them by name.” 

David DeAngelis speaks:

With them, you can be very upfront and honest, here is what I have, what can I do? They are always willing to accommodate your budget and do the best they can do to fulfill your needs within your budget.”

Jeanette Buntin continues:

“It’s not just a business, they really are familiar with you. They are also individuals who I think who really care. They will call you and say, how did things go? Because they really do care.”

David DeAngelis ends the video, summing up his experiences with FUN Enterprises.

” When working with students, we want to empower them to work with the artists. I think it is very important that we can have this level of trust in any company you’re going to work with and have your students go out and work with. This is one company I can rely on that when they call they will be treated well, there will be some educational value to that conversation, they won’t be taken advantage of, they’ll give a good experience.”

We truly appreciate the time David and Jeanette gave to our videographers as well as the stories they tell about the services they received when working with FUN Enterprises.

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