Celebrating the End of the School Year

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It is only May but for me, and many of the people that I do business and socialize with, it is in fact, the end of the year. No, the calendar isn’t jumping ahead to December; we live more by the academic calendar than the annual or Gregorian calendar. Our year begins sometime in August and ends in June. We start with “New Student Orientation” and “Weeks of Welcome” and end with graduation and orientation again. By December, many of my professional colleagues are ready for a break and come May they are ready for another breather.

This is the time of year that is an absolute blur. After everyone returns from Easter/Passover break, the end of the year approaches at warp speed. Spring weeks or weekends arrive in a flash, followed closely by exams, late night breakfasts, senior week and graduation. Before you know it the class of 2015 is heading out the door and the class of 2019 is arriving.

So many of us, will rush around planning for events and celebrations, and will neglect what is really important. Take time to let those around you know how you feel. Let sons and daughters know that you are proud of them and all they have accomplished. Don’t forget to give a card to a mentor or an advisor to let them know what an impact they have had on you. On or near my college graduation day someone commented that we would never all be together again. In typical 22-year-old fashion I brushed the comment off and didn’t give it a second thought, I assumed many of us would keep in touch. Then I found out that life happens. We get jobs, we move, we start families and time, something that we seemed to have so much of, becomes a precious commodity.

We take so much for granted that we shouldn’t. It is at this time of year that people will begin to take their first steps down those career paths and others may take new jobs. For some, those jobs may put them in a new career or require a move to a different city or state. Take the time to stop into some of those offices, that you have been a frequent visitor to, and drop off a card, give the occupant a well-deserved hug or a small token of appreciation. Thank those that have made an impact, exchange cell numbers, personal e-mail addresses or connect on LinkedIn.

There are many from the class of 2015 that I will miss. They have given me so much to think and laugh about. Hopefully some will keep in touch and drop me a line on occasion just to let me know how they are doing. Enjoy this time and what the future may bring. If I forget to say it in person, thank you for who you are and everything you have done.

Ken Abrahams

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