Branding by Van – Lots of Smiles, Lots of Miles

branding by van with FUN Enterprises

It’s amazing when you have your vehicle wrapped, representing your business brand. Whoever thought of branding by van! Getting the new van wrapped along with looking back through pictures made me realize that my vans and I have logged a lot of miles and we’ve seen a lot of smiles. At times I am reminded of the Dr. Seuss book “Oh The Places You’ll Go”. Oh, the places I have gone. Not many people can boast seeing a beautiful light blue Jaguar outside of a double wide in West Virginia, or fireworks at eye level at the top of a skyscraper in Boston. In New Mexico I saw the grave sight of Billy the Kid and a breath-taking sunrise while traveling through Cleveland Ohio. More rainbows than I can count over farmlands and in cities and a Zebra on a cattle ranch outside of Dallas.

These sights and many more are fantastic but they pale in comparison to the people that I have met. A daughter of a KKK member who left home to attend college far away from her family because she knew in her heart that her families beliefs were not right. I have been lucky enough to meet cancer survivors young and old all over the country at fundraisers and family weekends. People with incredible passion for life and a wide range of causes have crossed my camera lens and been captured forever on tiles, water bottles, Dry Erase boards and more.

My new van is a baby with a mere 13,000 miles on it but the best is yet to come. I look forward to the Late Night Breakfasts, Spring Weekends, Post Graduation Parties, Summer Company Outings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s and many more. Our van is a bright, FUN color and that is the feeling that most people get when FUN Enterprises, Inc. is at their event. So if you see the van rolling down the highway make sure to honk or wave and we look forward to seeing you at your next event.

brand by van, FUN Enterprises