Brad Turgeon – Caricature and Airbrush Artist

brad turgeon, caricaturist, airbrush artistNames and Aliases


What do you do at FUN?

I am a caricature and airbrush artist well as a paint party instructor.

Something you would like to share about yourself

I graduated with a BFA in Illustration in the Granite State at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. I love entertaining others and enjoy interacting with the audience with my comedic attitude, cartoonish art style. Specialty’s include: caricatures, paint party instructor, illustrator, graphic design, modest chef, bear wrangler, martial arts instructor, moose tamer, lumberjack, body guard, and beer aficionado.

Your favorite FUN program

Definitely caricatures.





Boston Caricature Artist, New England Airbrush Artist, FUN Paint Party Instructor