Babies in the Workplace. Yes, that is a baby you hear!

Babies in the Workplace. Yes, that is a baby you hear!

   Every so often while I am on the phone, someone will ask, “Is that a baby I hear?” “Why yes, it is.” Of course, the next question is always, “Whose baby is it?” Samantha Drake (Sam) had Desmond about 6 months ago. Following her maternity leave, when she returned to work so did he. […]

An Apology to Michael Miller

Sorry Michael, I should have listened. About two years ago, I stood in the back of a lecture hall listening to Michael Miller speak about being involved in the life of your “soon to be” college student and how to stay that way without being overbearing. My purpose in being there was to take pictures […]

Join FUN in our Hey Santa! Contest

Would you like to give the gift of FUN this holiday season? FUN Enterprises, Inc. is having a “Hey Santa!” Contest and we want you to be a part of the FUN. We have so many AWESOME products that can be personalized with a picture, name, saying or #hashtag. We’d like you to go through […]

Important Life Lessons – Thanks MOM!

My mother always said that the older she got the smarter her parents became. Of course, in my early days, I didn’t believe her but as I got older she became much wiser. There was never any doubt that lessons my mom taught would provide a great moral base for my life. What I didn’t […]

There’s Nothing Better than Christmas in July

   Did you know there are only 154 days until Christmas? I know, it’s 5 months away BUT, it can be a perfect time to plan for events around the holiday season. Many times, we wait until the last minute to plan holiday events only to find that the venue is booked and the entertainment […]

Put a SMILE on Your Face

   If you are going to provide BAD service at least SMILE 🙂 Nothing frustrates me more than bad service and there seems to be no shortage of it these days. To make matters worse, those that provide terrible service are unpleasant as well. Recently, I was in BJ’s Wholesale, pretty close to closing time. […]

Join our #HowWeHaveFUN Contest

FUN Enterprises, Inc. wants to know: How do you have FUN? We work in an industry that creates FUN experiences and we love sharing what we do with friends, colleagues, partners, clients and guests.    Now, we want YOU to share your FUN moments with us! From June 22, 2015 until July 15, 2015, we are […]

What Are They Saying About Your Staff?

   What are they saying about your staff? This is what our partners and clients are saying about our FUN Enterprises staff…and we couldn’t be prouder! “I have worked with Justin multiple times during the year and have had no problems with him. He was very nice and fun to be around while he was […]

FUN Caricature Artists at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston

   FUN has arrived! FUN has arrived! Yes, at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. Starting today, Friday, May 29, 2015, we have resurrected our caricature retail location! FUN Enterprises, Inc. has opened a Bull Market Pushcart, drawing caricatures, at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The cart is located under the South Canopy of Quincy Market. Bull Market Pushcart […]

Celebrating the End of the School Year

  It is only May but for me, and many of the people that I do business and socialize with, it is in fact, the end of the year. No, the calendar isn’t jumping ahead to December; we live more by the academic calendar than the annual or Gregorian calendar. Our year begins sometime in […]