Every Summer Event Has It’s Own FUN Story

Every Summer Event Has It’s Own FUN Story

What’s Your Story? During Red Sox Opening Week, one of our clients contacted us and asked if we could help them plan a baseball themed event. Located in the heart of Boston, there was no outdoor space to have a cook-out, until the loading dock became the perfect location. Light up the grills and let the […]

MAD March Deals – Save 10% on Airbrushed Sports Products

   Book a designated sports airbrush program before March 31, 2016, have it play between now and December 31, 2016, and you can save 10%. * Airbrushed Foam Fingers * Airbrushed Rally Towels * Airbrushed Pennants Imagine your guests (students, employees, friends…) waving personalized airbrush pennants, shaking colorful foam fingers and swinging unique rally towels in […]

Customer Service that takes You from Good to GREAT

Lousy customer service always catches my attention and in previous posts I have detailed some of my adventures in the world of abysmal service. Rarely do I have interactions so outstanding that they warrant gracing this website. Imagine my surprise, or should I say delight, when it happened three times recently. The first was at […]

6 Event Tips to Take Away from the Super Bowl

I love watching the Super Bowl Game. Because I work in the entertainment industry, it gives me the opportunity to look at the Super Bowl from a different perspective. I tend to look at the way they market and execute the event. If we all looked at our events like a Super Bowl game, we […]

The Three BEST Reasons for Booking a Paint Party

There is something contagious about a smile! Get a group of people in a room, put brushes in their hands and amazing things will happen at a paint party. The best part is you don’t have to be an artist to paint. Painting a piece of artwork is not about perfection, it’s about perception! Before […]

Babies in the Workplace. Yes, that is a baby you hear!

   Every so often while I am on the phone, someone will ask, “Is that a baby I hear?” “Why yes, it is.” Of course, the next question is always, “Whose baby is it?” Samantha Drake (Sam) had Desmond about 6 months ago. Following her maternity leave, when she returned to work so did he. […]

An Apology to Michael Miller

Sorry Michael, I should have listened. About two years ago, I stood in the back of a lecture hall listening to Michael Miller speak about being involved in the life of your “soon to be” college student and how to stay that way without being overbearing. My purpose in being there was to take pictures […]

Join FUN in our Hey Santa! Contest

Would you like to give the gift of FUN this holiday season? FUN Enterprises, Inc. is having a “Hey Santa!” Contest and we want you to be a part of the FUN. We have so many AWESOME products that can be personalized with a picture, name, saying or #hashtag. We’d like you to go through […]

Important Life Lessons – Thanks MOM!

My mother always said that the older she got the smarter her parents became. Of course, in my early days, I didn’t believe her but as I got older she became much wiser. There was never any doubt that lessons my mom taught would provide a great moral base for my life. What I didn’t […]

There’s Nothing Better than Christmas in July

   Did you know there are only 154 days until Christmas? I know, it’s 5 months away BUT, it can be a perfect time to plan for events around the holiday season. Many times, we wait until the last minute to plan holiday events only to find that the venue is booked and the entertainment […]