The Defectors: Erika Lamarre, To Be Determined (And That’s Good!)


The Defectors: Erika Lamarre, To Be Determined (And That’s Good!)

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog. Today’s Defector is searching for a new next place, after seizing an unexpected opportunity by working in a position of change. The experience, working on a political campaign, provided new challenges and a wholly new environment. I am so thankful to Erika for reaching out with her story, […]


Good Books Doing Good

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog. I deal with words a lot, and yet the past few weeks have left me at a loss for them. It has been an emotional and anxious time for me as I grapple not with the loss of an election, but the loss of safety and security […]

Rethinking Rewrites and more from Amma Marfo!

Get the latest from author, speaker, and education professional, Amma Marfo! Bi-monthly, Amma shares a GIF-packed email detailing what she’s learning, loving, and occasionally what she is hoping to bring to you soon. Check out a sneak peek of her newsletter:   Rethinking Rewrites I’m not sure if it’s the former dancer in me, or the Gene Kelly birthday mate […]

Be prepared: Trade Show/Conference Season

Be prepared, the motto of all good Boy Scouts and a good rule for all of us to follow. Fall, in my world, is a time for conferences and lots of them. We have already participated in several (yes this should have been out weeks ago) but it is never too late for some advice […]

Every Summer Event Has It’s Own FUN Story

What’s Your Story? During Red Sox Opening Week, one of our clients contacted us and asked if we could help them plan a baseball themed event. Located in the heart of Boston, there was no outdoor space to have a cook-out, until the loading dock became the perfect location. Light up the grills and let the […]

MAD March Deals – Save 10% on Airbrushed Sports Products

   Book a designated sports airbrush program before March 31, 2016, have it play between now and December 31, 2016, and you can save 10%. * Airbrushed Foam Fingers * Airbrushed Rally Towels * Airbrushed Pennants Imagine your guests (students, employees, friends…) waving personalized airbrush pennants, shaking colorful foam fingers and swinging unique rally towels in […]

Customer Service that takes You from Good to GREAT

Lousy customer service always catches my attention and in previous posts I have detailed some of my adventures in the world of abysmal service. Rarely do I have interactions so outstanding that they warrant gracing this website. Imagine my surprise, or should I say delight, when it happened three times recently. The first was at […]

6 Event Tips to Take Away from the Super Bowl

I love watching the Super Bowl Game. Because I work in the entertainment industry, it gives me the opportunity to look at the Super Bowl from a different perspective. I tend to look at the way they market and execute the event. If we all looked at our events like a Super Bowl game, we […]

The Three BEST Reasons for Booking a Paint Party

There is something contagious about a smile! Get a group of people in a room, put brushes in their hands and amazing things will happen at a paint party. The best part is you don’t have to be an artist to paint. Painting a piece of artwork is not about perfection, it’s about perception! Before […]