My Best Reads of 2016


My Best Reads of 2016

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog. Over sixty books this year. Whew. No time to review them all, but I did want to share a few recs for my most impactful and enjoyable reads. Click on each book for more about why it made the list, let me know what you enjoyed, and check out […]

Hey Santa Happy 40th

Nineteen Seventy-Six was a long time ago. There were no such things as micro aggressions, helicopter parents and not everyone carried or even had a cell phone. By the end of the year gas was a whopping 59 cents a gallon, the Dow Jones Industrial average ended the year at a paltry 1004. Back then […]


My Best Laughs of 2016

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog. The summer of 2016 brought me a silly but welcome challenge: writing a joke a day for 100 days as part of Elle Luna’s 100 Day Project. Despite being a prolific (if nothing else) writer, writing with the aim of humor has always proved to be a considerable, but always […]


From “You Had to Be There” to “You Have to Hear This”

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog. We’ve all said it, and I’m sure many of us have fallen victim to it. A friend, family member or colleague comes to us with a story they’re eager to tell. They start strong (or not, that happens to), but the story starts to fall apart as […]


Laughter Through Tears, Laughter Through Fears

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog.   My face still tight and salty with tears, trying to negotiate nearby luggage and an airport dinner of tacos and rice, I clumsily fired off a text: I just cried on a plane. Are we ever going to be funny again? It was Thursday, November 10th, […]


The Defectors: Erika Lamarre, To Be Determined (And That’s Good!)

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog. Today’s Defector is searching for a new next place, after seizing an unexpected opportunity by working in a position of change. The experience, working on a political campaign, provided new challenges and a wholly new environment. I am so thankful to Erika for reaching out with her story, […]


Good Books Doing Good

This article was originally posted on Anna Marfo’s blog. I deal with words a lot, and yet the past few weeks have left me at a loss for them. It has been an emotional and anxious time for me as I grapple not with the loss of an election, but the loss of safety and security […]

Rethinking Rewrites and more from Amma Marfo!

Get the latest from author, speaker, and education professional, Amma Marfo! Bi-monthly, Amma shares a GIF-packed email detailing what she’s learning, loving, and occasionally what she is hoping to bring to you soon. Check out a sneak peek of her newsletter:   Rethinking Rewrites I’m not sure if it’s the former dancer in me, or the Gene Kelly birthday mate […]

Be prepared: Trade Show/Conference Season

Be prepared, the motto of all good Boy Scouts and a good rule for all of us to follow. Fall, in my world, is a time for conferences and lots of them. We have already participated in several (yes this should have been out weeks ago) but it is never too late for some advice […]