WTF – Put a Smile on Your Face

WTF – Put a Smile on Your Face

When we first started WTF – What the FUN Tip of the Day, I asked the FUN Enterprises staff to give me suggestions on topics I might be able to use. Kim, who works with the event schedule, sent me a great link called How to have FUN like a Child. In the article, the fifth […]

Planning a Corporate Event? Keep it Mini!

What are some FUN ideas when getting ready to plan your next corporate event or function? Looking at event trends for 2014 everything is mini. From mini tastes to mini activities, people are enjoying the feeling of trying a little bit of everything. What are we talking about? Small portions of food and entertainment! 1. […]

Having FUN with our Caricature Artists

    On Tuesday, the caricature artists at FUN Enterprises came to the office for some opportunities to hone skills and draw the in-house staff. Since a few of our artists travel around the United States, it was nice to have an opportunity to get together when everyone was home. When you think of a caricature, […]

WTF – Take Advantage of a Click Moment

Back in November of 2012, I had the opportunity to hear Frans Johansson, author of The Click Moment, speak at the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum. What he talked about was “success is random but randomness is ours to control.” Sometimes things happen and we choose to take a chance, with a situation or moment, or we […]

Interactive Entertainment Can Make Your Brand Memorable

Last week, FUN Enterprises worked in collaboration with Metro South Chamber of Commerce and the Brockton Rox to provide some interactive entertainment during a New Member Networking Event. When we talk about interactive entertainment, people we meet nod as if they know what we are talking about. Not many people ask what it is as […]

WTF – Find Your Place of Peace

If someone asked, what is relaxing to you? Where do you find your peace (and quiet)? What would your answer be? Some will tell you, laying on a beach, reading a good book, taking a walk or even a great massage. Others will tell you, playing a slot machine at a casino, playing a video […]

WTF – Know Your Multiple Personalities

Meet Jack Lank, Susan Finn and Tammi Jacobsen. They are part of my multiple personalities team. Over the past 5 years, we have all worked together in different capacities to help support each other’s businesses and ventures. For quite a while, we have been consistently commenting, liking and sharing each other’s content across different social […]

Resurrecting Educational and TV Programs from the Dead

At the end of this month, a moment unthinkable in the minds of so many will finally be realized: new episodes of Arrested Development are coming. After a seven year “hiatus”, the show is re-emerging from the dead, fueled by a passionate fanbase and a desire to continue a story. Arrested Development‘s irreverent run was cut short […]

It’s all about the Event Experience

Close your eyes. Think about the last function you attended. Maybe it was a wedding? A bar mitzvah? A corporate luncheon? Or a golf tournament? Was there anything that struck you as memorable? Or did you walk through the motions – I arrived, I sat down, I ate, I listened, I met people, I left. […]

Caricature Artist – Stan Sykes

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of our many talented artists who work for FUN. For the first Monday Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to Stan Sykes. Stan is a talented artist who works as one of our caricaturists as well as a master of the airbrush designs. Stan can […]