Behind the Orange – Being Thankful for Family and Friends

Being Thankful for Friends and Family

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Have you noticed people posting reasons to be thankful? Some are on Facebook, some on Twitter, and even some as memes. After one of our staff meetings, I asked the staff if they would e-mail me what they were thankful for – the responses though brief, really summed up how people felt.

“Family and music – I know it’s a weird combination but they both lift my spirits!!”       ~ Donna Bates

“Family & friends”      ~ Kim Forster

“Friends who are like a second family”     ~ Mark Gallagher

“My family 🙂 “     ~ Deb Holland

“I am thankful to work with/for my family 🙂 It may sound cheezy but it’s true”     ~ Samantha Drake

“I am thankful for my family and friends.”     ~ AC Anders

“For the Holiday Season!  HO! HO! HO!”     ~ Wayde Anders


And then I received this from Ken Abrahams

“My Family and friends who support me and my crazy job. 
A job that I love.
Dogs who love me unconditionally.
The opportunity to have been to 46 states.
Having enough money to have been able to travel with family and friends.
Getting to do the PA at a Brockton Rox Game and more importantly one of my older son’s football games.
Working with students who usually make me feel young and keep me on my toes.
Being involved in a number of charitable organizations that I volunteer for. 
Having had a mother and a grandfather with ridiculous work ethics who taught me that hard work is a blessing and not a curse.
Working with a great group of people even though they drive me crazy sometimes.
Having worked some incredible events at some amazing places.
Seeing the Red Sox win a World Series in my lifetime.
Being married to the same woman for almost 30 years.
Having the ability to laugh at myself.
People giving me second and third chances when I make mistakes.
Having a business partner that believes in charity and giving back.
Sitting on the alter as both of my sons were Bar Mitzvahed.
Going to a college where I could be a big fish in a little pond.
At the age of 54 having so many of the people that matter to me still being alive.
Feeling like I make a difference.”

It made me think. There are many things we can all be thankful for…friends and family are probably at the top of the list.

As I thought about what I was thankful for I started thinking of my two boys who live out of state and have not been home for Thanksgiving in three years.

“I am appreciative and thankful to the families who have invited my boys to celebrate Thanksgiving.
I am thankful to still have both my parents to celebrate the holidays.
I am thankful that I have a husband who is my best friend and partner in crime.
I am thankful for my kids, they keep my insanity in check.
I am thankful for my health.
I am thankful that I get to go to work with FUN people, everyday.
I am thankful for the many friends who are supportive of my crazy ideas.”

This year, in the midst of the holiday craziness, stop for a moment and think about all the things you can be thankful for. When you do, it puts everything in perspective. We live in America, we have many freedoms, we have healthcare, we have transportation, we have the ability to pay it forward, we have the ability to help others, we have the ability to make a difference. Go out and challenge the world…let’s be thankful.

Tricia White