The Art of Caricatures

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Although I have worked for Fun Enterprises for over 20 years, I have only had my caricature drawn by a handful of artists. Even during the training process I usually volunteer someone else to be the subject for the artist to work on. Because of this I have very few caricatures of myself but my son, who is always happy to sit for the artists, has tons of them. As I look at all of the different renderings I have to chuckle because even though each drawing by each artist is completely different they all seem to capture the essence of Nick. I am often amazed by this whole process, not being able to draw a stick figure myself that would resemble a person. I have no idea how they are able to continually turn out these quick works of art that have a cartoon feel but really do represent the persona of the subject. When training new artists we always stress the same attributes of a caricature – big head, little body, doing a sport or hobby. But each artist has a clear style and it is fun to notice the little nuances of each artist, the line work, the shading, each one a little different than the one sitting next to him or her. I love this about our artists; it would be so boring if each one looked exactly the same. And I love that when you get up and are handed that piece of paper you know that years of education and practice are behind what is now your Caricature, a work of art that has been created just for you.

Donna Bates