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 Free-Style Airbrush Products at NACA Convention 2015

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Last week, a number of our artists returned from the NACA National Convention 2015 in Minneapolis, MN. For people who don’t know what NACA is, it’s the National Association for Campus Activities. Because a large portion of our work is in the education market, FUN Enterprises participates in a number of these conferences and conventions. These events are made up of educational sessions, interactive entertainment, student engagement and trade show activities. For anywhere from 2-4 days, students, faculty, speakers, entertainers and vendors showcase their talents hoping for an opportunity to be booked for a college event or activity. These events can be educational as well as entertaining as colleges and universities try to find a balance for creating and maintaining student engagement.

When FUN attends these conventions, we normally participate in the CAMPS, which are short sessions in the trade show area. Vendors show their products and services in hopes of getting these students to book these events on their campus. There are 6-8 CAMPS per convention and they last 55 minutes each. It doesn’t allow you much time in front of students so you have to be creative. These CAMPS allow students to sample your wares as well as talk with you about logistics and price. This is very useful for a process they use called block booking. If an organization likes the talents of one of the vendors, they work with area colleges to see if they can book the entertainment for a period of days in a certain region. This will reduce the price of the program and get schools to make quicker decisions about entertainment.

When you participate at the CAMPS, you are always looking for something unique so that students will gravitate to your booth. This year, we were creating some of our personalized airbrush products in the form of hats, scarves and pennants. These products are normally personalized with the students name and they choose a color and font style. Our artists are amazing at creating unique designs for each product they personalize.

Normally, the public doesn’t get to see the true talent of these artists until they free-style at an event. During the CAMPS, our artist, Stan Sykes, worked on one product per camp that was personalized to one student’s request. They got to choose from a laundry bag, sweatshirt, t-shirt or pillowcase. As you can see, we had quite a few designs depending on what the student wanted. Stan Sykes was amazing with his free-styling airbrush designs and the students were very excited.

Like everything FUN Enterprises does, we want people to remember where they were, how they got the product, who designed it and the excitement about wearing it or showing it to family and friends. Hopefully, these students will go back to their campuses and talk about the product they got to design with our artist. That’s the best part of a memorable experience…the story lives on!

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Airbrushed Products for College Event Entertainment