Tiziana Buddle

 Tizianna Buddle, Program Specialist

Tiziana Buddle for FUN EnterprisesNames and Aliases

Tiz (AKA TC)

What do you do at FUN?

I am a Program Specialist, the Main Road Coordinator. I get to travel to colleges around the United States. I’m basically a “jack of all trades” being able to work on the artist and performer side. Photo programs are my specialty but being on the road means you needs to know all programs. 90% of the time, I am traveling on my own.

Something you would like to share about yourself

I am an army brat and have lived all over the world. I now reside in Everett, being a MA resident since 1998. I am a graduate of Lasell College with a BS in Psychology. I worked in student activities at Lesley University before coming to FUN Enterprises.

I love to travel outside the country – Europe is one of my favorites – Amsterdam, Thailand, Morracco, Laos, Switzerland. I would love to live in Amsterdam – love all the canals. I love karaoke (I’m a karaoke geek), love working out at the gym, hiking and exploring new venues both in New England and around the world.

Your favorite FUN program

My favorite program is the Yesteryear Antique Photos. I love the creativity and love setting up the shot. The imagination that people bring to the clothing is amazing. People come alive when they are dressed in antique fashion.