Mark Gallagher, Graphic Designer

Mark Gallagher
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What do you do at FUN?

I am a Graphic Designer… aka Graphics Guy. This is actually my 10th year at FUN Enterprises, in July to be exact. While I graduated with an art degree, I didn’t start out doing the graphics. I started as the assistant office manager. Our photo programs looked fairly different 10 years ago. I’ve worked hard to create and modify programs so that they are fresh, colorful and modern. All while making sure the client’s and guests are happy.

Something you would like to share about yourself

I recently discovered my love of peanut butter after 32 years of vocal distaste. #reformed

You favorite FUN program

Caricatures: I love seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they look at the caricature they patiently waited for. It’s not like getting a photo, where you see yourself all the time. It’s an artist’s interpretation of you. Some good, some great, but regardless, they always smile.

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