Ken Abrahams, Vice President of Client Relations

Ken Abrahams, Vice President of Client Relations

Ken Abrahams, VP of Client Relations, FUN EnterprisesNames and Aliases

Ken, Kenneth, Kenny depending on when you met me and how you were introduced to me. Also known as, His Orange Highness

What do you do at FUN?

My business card says VP of Client Relations, which I am. Technically, I am also the FUN President, which I rarely use and prefer not to. My responsibilities include general management, sales, road staff, photographer, troubleshooter and master of the FUN lunch cookouts!

Something you would like to share about yourself

When I was younger I wanted to be a fire truck. I love airplanes and rockets and have flown in a 1936 bi-plane. I love watching my kids acting on the stage or playing a sport. I’m a terrible golfer but I do enjoy it, I hate the beach, I like to vacation with my wife and kids, love cruises, like to cook and love taking pictures.

Your favorite FUN program

Whatever is new. I enjoy seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they are seeing a program for the first time. Dry Erase Boards are always fun as well. They were one of the programs we created and it will always have a special place in my heart.

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