AC Anders, VP of Corporate Events

AC Anders, Vice President of Corporate Events

AC Anders, VP of Sales, Fun EnterprisesNames and Aliases

Anne Celeste

What do you do at FUN?

I am the VP of Corporate Events. I listen to my clients and help them develop an event profile. I work with them to define their event goals, and help develop and design the entertainment or interactive programs that will best get them to achieve goals. With over 30 years of professional experience designing and producing events, I have a vast knowledge of the best practices and also the available resources. Because of my active role in organizations such as International Special Event Society (ISES) and Meeting Professionals International (MPI), I am constantly learning new things and staying on top of new trends. Simply put my role here at FUN is to listen to our clients, help them determine their event goals and produce the best event they have ever had!

Something you would like to share about yourself

Coming from an extremely social family, that loved to throw parties; I learned at an early age this was my passion. It is said I started organizing parties with my teddy bears, Barbies and Dawn dolls way before I even started school. I was lucky to go to a high school that encouraged performing arts and voice. I fell in love with plays and singing but soon realized that I was better behind the scenes than in front of them. If you ever hear me sing karaoke you will agree. My poor parents paid so much in voice lessons – all they got for it was the ability for me to be heard for miles – my voice is so loud.

I was very fortunate to go into higher education and work with students on programming and leadership training. That is where I actually met FUN and used to be a client. I also worked planning events for a mechanical construction company for client appreciation events. Soon after that, I crossed over to this side of planning where I can help a wide variety of clients and every day, hour can be different.

I love being an active part of the International Special Events Society (ISES) and Meeting Planners International (MPI) where I love to volunteer my time. I was the Past President on the New England ISES Chapter and have also served as Summer Outing Co-Chair for MPINE for the past three years. I love volunteering with these groups.

On a personal level, I love playing cards, games, cats, hanging with my husband, family and friends, taking cruises, the beach, Aruba and making people happy.

Your favorite FUN program

Caricatures because they are different every time. It was the first program I ever booked from FUN, when I was a client.

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